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Moon's Taekwondo is a family-oriented, traditional martial arts club operating out of Brighton, South Australia. We focus on technique, fitness and personal discipline with a firm commitment to the Moo Duk Kwan style practiced by our head instructor, Master Hong Shik Moon.


Master Hong Shik Moon

7th Dan
Head Instructor

Spiro Koulianos

4th Dan

Colin Gould

4th Dan

Our Oath

  • I will always give respect and loyalty to the association, the instructors and my club.
  • I will endeavour to attain a high standard of physical fitness and develop my character and personal integrity.
  • I will approach others with a spirit of friendship and heed social ethics at all times.


10 Main Points

  1. KI-AHP (yelling – inner strength)
  2. Always look forward
  3. Maintain balance
  4. Keep your body supple and flexible
  5. Combine force and power with soft movements
  6. Fast and slow motion techniques required
  7. The aim of all techniques should be ‘exactness’
  8. Control and co-ordinate distance of techniques
  9. Control your breathing
  10. Strive to strengthen you body


Moon's Tae Kwon Do is a member of Australian Taekwondo and black (Dan) belts are recognised by the Kukkiwon. We support diversity and inclusion via Good Sports and Play By The Rules initiatives.




Classes are held in Adelaide at the Brighton Primary School gym.

New students are welcome and encouraged to come along to any session to watch or join in with no obligations. Please wear light comfortable clothing, tracksuit pants and t-shirt are best, and be aware that we train in bare feet.

Our typical classes involve fitness training, stretching and flexibility training, basic and advanced skill acquisition (striking, kicking, blocking, joint locks, throwing), sparring (kyrogi), self defence skills (hoshinsool) and forms (poomse).


Brighton Primary Gym

Enter via car park off of Highet Avenue, Brighton.
Training is in school gym.

Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Fridays 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Saturdays 10:00am - 11:00am

Training is during School Term dates only and there is no training on Public holiday long weekends.


In addition to regular classes, members are welcome to join informal runs or pad sessions along the esplanade at Seacliff to further build fitness and skills. Check for upcoming events on Facebook or just ask Colin or Spiro.

Member Portal

Annual student registrations, class bookings and payments are now available via our member portal provided by Australian Taekwondo.

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Click on the following grading and information resources.

8th Gup

Yellow 1 Stripe grading information

7th Gup

Yellow 2 Stripe grading information

6th Gup

Blue 1 Stripe grading information

5th Gup

Blue 2 Stripe grading information

4th Gup

Blue 3 Stripe grading information

3rd Gup

Red 1 Stripe grading information

2nd Gup

Red 2 Stripe grading information

1st Gup

Red 3 Stripe grading information

Cho Dan Bo

Probationary Black Belt grading information

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